Here at ZMP CCTV, we feel that it’s important for our customers to understand why they need CCTV and how it will be beneficial to their lives and businesses, so we took the time to list 10 reasons you might want to consider.

1) Prevent and Deter Crime

CCTV is a cost-effective way to deter, document, and reduce crime. Criminals tend to pick the easiest target and a business or residence with CCTV presents more problems than a target without CCTV.

2 Keep Your Employees Safe and Secure

Having CCTV in the workplace deters or prevents crimes such as armed robberies and violence against your employees.

3) Keep Your Household Staff Honest

A majority of residential crime in the Philippines is committed by hired household help such as maids, nannies, and drivers. To deter this; many families deploy CCTV in the residences.

4) Increase Confidence of Customers

Having CCTV in your restaurant or other businesses makes your customers feel safe. Your customers will know that it is less likely crimes will be committed in an establishment with CCTV and that their food is being prepared in a safe and healthy manner.

5) Easily Implemented

Most installations of residences and restaurants take less than two days to complete. We often do night installs so as to not affect a business. Complex installs such as a village, high rise or a mall will take much longer.

6) Encourages Good Behavior

When employees, customers, and others know that they are being recorded they adjust their actions in a positive manner

7) Remote Monitoring

No one can spend 24 hours a day at their place of business and no one wants to stay in their house all of the time. Being able to monitor your CCTV any place where you have internet access gives the owner/manager a sense of what is going on when they are not there.

8) Prevent Safety Incidents

Having CCTV means that you can monitor for safety and health issues, watch production lines, monitor dangerous work environments and monitor places that are high-risk fire areas. The business can record and monitor that health and safety rules are being followed and take corrective action when they are not.

9) Assist in Law enforcement

Although this may not be the primary focus of your business to assist the local authority in case of any criminal activity is an action that can be carried out by each and every citizen. A camera outside of the home or business can assist local authorities to identify suspects that have committed a crime that is not committed on your property.

10) Insurance Savings

Most insurance companies give their customers discounts for having security systems at their homes and businesses and over time the CCTV system ends up paying for itself.

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