The traditional passwords or ID card based individual authentication methods nowadays are becoming outdated. Biometric technology is taking over the market providing a strong security through accurate validation and identification, lowering risk of unwanted breaches. It has range of qualities such as facial and iris recognition, finger print scans and vascular pattern recognitionwhich makes it a very reliable solutions everyone can have.

ZMP CCTV wants to introduce one of the flexible, versatile and cost-effective biometrics there is in the market. Zkteco K30 – is a 2.8-inch TFT Screen Time Attendance & Simple Access Control Terminal. It has interfaces for third party electric lock and exit button. TCP/IP and USB host make data management extremely easy. Most importantly, the build-in backup battery can eliminate the trouble of power-failure. With elegant appearance and reliable quality, you can get the best from it.

Technical Specification

Fingerprint Templates:1,000
RFID Cards:1,000
Communication:TCP/IP / USB
Optional Functions:Mifare Card Reader
Power Supply:12V DC 3A
Dimensions:184 x 136 x 38mm
SDK and Software:Standard SDK , ZKTime.Net 3.0

Biometric identification management system is a long-term security solution for any business. It offers higher security, convenience, accountability, and accurate audit trails that will keep your business secure while saving time, money, and resources.

However, your biometric security system must be as effective as the security system your partner with. Here at ZMP CCTV Security Systems Trading and Services, we offer the best solution that would best fit your business needs. We protect your investment and we ensure your hardware will last for years to come.

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